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you're a good guy!

Takeshi's Journal

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Created on 2012-07-20 07:36:00 (#1683345), last updated 2016-02-25 (82 weeks ago)

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Name:Takeshi [Gantz • Age 8]
Location:Tokyo, Japan


"You're a good guy! I knew it!! You're good!"

Canon: Gantz
Status: Alive
Weapon of choice:
• Gantz suit
• Throw techniques
• Mimicking fighting styles
Age: 8-years-old (2017)
Game: [community profile] driftfleet
Height: 4' 5"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown

A young boy who had died at the hand of his own guardians, he arrived in the world of Gantz's games terrified. However, with the help of his hero 'Muscle Rider' — Kaze, who eventually becomes his adoptive father — his resolve strengthens and he adopts the man's fighting style. He spends years within the walls of the Tranquility at [community profile] ataraxion, honing his skills and becoming stronger under the eye of his adoptive parents, Heather Mason and Netherlands. After the crashing of the ship and the loss of those parents, he finds himself on a new ship, in a fleet of ships: [community profile] driftfleet, in which he's found himself an unlikely captain of the SS Goldstone.

What happens from there, we'll have to see, huh?

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